May 18th Minky at Rope Salon
### This event is open to Minky Members, who must RSVP on our Discord with the link in the #minky-events channel!
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# Rope Salon will be hosting Minky for a daytime afternoon rope event Saturday 5/18 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM!

Rope Salon is a ropey space for MN rope people to rope about. Low key, fun rope skill sharing and practicing both ties and rope handling and soft skills too. The relaxed vibe that Rope Salon aims for is very similar to the “rope puddles” that happen at many Minky parties, with everyone sitting around tying, but with a better space to do it and a great suspension rig.

– There’s an extremely high quality rope rig and nice tatami mats!
– It’s in an office building. Please dress respectfully outside and in the hallway.
– Do not mess up the tatami. Shoes of. Don’t bring food onto it. Don’t do anything that you know will involve fluid. Cap water bottles properly.
– Play is focused on rope, but sexy fun times after rope is good ❤️
– Clothes can come off as needed for ropey fun, the windows will get shaded.
– Quiet building with bathrooms across from the office in the hall.
– Masks not required but will be offered freely. The space has full test equipment for COVID as well. Those who test may receive treats.
– Practice spatial awareness of others and your surroundings. The nature of the host means that there may be some unique machinery present in the space.

Rope Salon MN Fetlife Group: