May 15th Games/Crafts Day

Minky Library Days are lowkey events to come and hang out with other members of our community. These are not events to get verified to attend Minky play parties. We will provide an assorted selection of snacks. Drinks are bring your own, and it must be covered (per library policy). Bring your favorite board games, your crafts, or anything else you would enjoy doing around a group of people. Cost: Per Hennepin County Library policy, we cannot accept money within the library. If you would like to donate money to cover the cost of snacks provided, you can use @Sciencesub’s Venmo before or after the event, or give extra at another event, such as a play party. All money we make is reinvested into the community to put on more of these events. Attire: This is a public library with windows–you must be in vanilla clothing the entire time.

Minky frequently hosts special members events! These non-party, non-munch events are sometimes vanilla non-kink events, while others may include some kink play or demos. These events are for Minky Members only, so you’ll also need to have met a mod! You can learn how to become a Minky Member here:

Event location is provided to Minky Members in the #minky-events channel.