July 13th Play Party

### You must register with the Eventbrite link found in the #party-links channel on our discord, after you’ve met a moderator. https://discord.com/invite/ZweFjcEet3
Learn how to get verified for parties! https://minkymn.org/how-to-get-verified-for-minky-parties-and-rsvp/

Minky asks for people attending to bring a potluck dinner item and a $10-20 dollar donation to cover costs. Minky provides soda, water, plates, forks, safer sex supplies, etc.

For more information about our parties, check out https://minkymn.org/parties/!

Minky is a queer Twin Cities-based, sex positive, and body positive kink community geared towards adults aged 18-35. We are education focused, consent forward, and operate in service of membership of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Minky facilitates educational workshops, social gatherings, online community, and play parties for our membership and their guests.


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