In-Person Munches

In-Person Munches

In-person munches are presently suspended.

When public health permits, minky hosts in-person munches the last Sunday of the month. You can find information about our online munches here.

Munches are public, non-play, social events. Our munches are a great place to ask questions, meet a moderator, get vetted for a party, and meet or catch up with friends.

It’s a safe space to meet other members of the community, network, and learn about upcoming events. We design them to be low-key, low-pressure, and low-structure.

What you need to know about in-person munches:

  • We enforce a no outing policy at our munches.
    • Dress code is vanilla unless otherwise specified.
    • Please be mindful of your volume and the proximity of staff/other guests in conversation, unless the space is clearly separated from vanilla patrons.
    • Please refer to the Outing Policy in our Code of Conduct for more information.
  • We ask that whenever possible, attendees support the business hosting our munch
  • For attendees 21+, responsible alcohol consumption is allowed at venues that provide the option.
  • Illicit drug use is not permitted at munch sites or during the munch
  • Don’t be creepy. Our munches are intended to be casual and comfortable social club gatherings, not meet markets.
  • If an attendee is making you uncomfortable, let a mod know and we will address the behavior to the best of our abilities.

You can find information about our new COVID-safe remote munches here.