June 23rd Minky Magic the Gathering

henlo, do you like MAGIC THE GATHERING (a collectible trading card game for ages 13 and up)? This SUNDAY JUNE 23 from 12:15 P.M to 5:00 P.M Minky will be hosting the MINKY MODERN MAGIC DRAFT HORIZON BATTLEPALOOZA (we’re drafting moden horizons 3) as well as just library game day (if you dont play magic but want to hang out or watch.) This event has a cost if you’d like to play in the tournament – 25$. You keep the cards you draft. IDK if there will be prizes or what itll probably be a bowling trophy. Open Emrakul and go 0-3 trying to cast that uncastable bomb! Go 3-0 without seeing a single eldrazi! Discover the season’s new Hogaak and become a menace! Have no idea what those references mean and play anyways! Having a little experience with magic is helpful! If you’d like to learn before it, please poke me (M) and can help teach. Cost of draft is 25$ – this fee is for cost of packs, you keep the cards you draft.


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