June 26th Latex Learning Night

Latex. This fashion is often somewhat paradoxical in the kink comunity – despite being one of people’s first thoughts when they imagine kink, many have never delved into it for a myriad of reasons.

Well, wonder no more, as several of Minky’s latex afficianados have gathered to do a fun presentation/demonstration/Q & A on the subject. We’ll be covering things such as –

• Accessibility (ie, how do i afford and wear this)
• Stigma and styling
• Health and safety
• Tactile demonstration (we’ll be bringing clothes you can actually poke without fear of scolding!)
• Proper Care and storage
• Ask us anything!

And more!

(also because M is the mod running it idk we’ll probably go to applebees after. This event is being held in a host’s residence for privacy, but is not a kink event.)


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