Minky is a queer Twin Cities-based, sex positive, and body positive kink community geared towards adults aged 18-35. In service of that, party capacity is prioritized to people 18-35 of all identities, and then to trans individuals aged 36+. We are education focused, consent forward, and operate in service of membership of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Minky facilitates educational workshops, social gatherings, online community, play parties for our membership.

We believe that safe exploration of sexuality and identity should be available to everyone and we strive to create a community in which members can comfortably, consensually, and safely get to know themselves and their community.

At our core, Minky aspires to be a culture of care: we believe that a commitment to racial justice, gender equity, and sexual freedom do more to determine the safety of communities than a traditional rule-based code of conduct could alone.

Minky makes its membership, leadership, and policy decisions, hosts community gatherings, and throws play parties that are accountable to these values. Additionally, we are committed to developing and hosting educational opportunities for our membership, raising funds and organizing volunteer opportunities for like-minded groups, modeling consent-forward and social justice-informed administration, and engaging in community outreach and service.