April 7th Minky Brunch

We’re hosting brunch on April 7th from noon-5pm! We will be providing/cooking some food during the event (eggs, pancakes, etc), but we also encourage a potluck of brunch foods (cinnamon rolls, pastries, quiche, and more!). Cost: We will have the donation bucket set up if you want to drop money to cover cost of food. Minky operates on a sliding scale, and everything we bring in gets reinvested in our community.

Registration will be a Google form in #minky-events.

Minky frequently hosts special members events! These non-party, non-munch events are sometimes vanilla non-kink events, while others may include some kink play or demos. These events are for Minky Members only, so you’ll also need to have met a mod! You can learn how to become a Minky Member here: https://minkymn.org/how-to-get-verified-for-minky-parties-and-rsvp/