We are now offering a way for Minky Members to host Discord events within our space for other members.

If you have a great idea for an event you would like to host, please follow the steps below:

If your event idea is not related to kink, contact through Discord to discuss the idea. We will ask you some basic questions about the expected content surrounding your event. Once you have selected a date and formalized a plan, we will post the event publicly.

If your event idea is kink-related, contact a mod through Discord, at which point we will bring it to the rest of the mod team. The mod team will discuss the content of the event, and determine if any special rules are required. At least one mod will be required to attend the event. Once a date is agreed upon by the host and moderator, we will post the event publicly.

Examples of events that you might like to suggest include, but are not limited to: video game hangouts, DnD group, crafting corner, cooking with [host], and movie watch togethers.