Online Munches

Online Munches

We regularly host online munches via Zoom.

Online munches are a relaxed and low pressure place for members to see old friends and meet new people.

We recommend that anyone new to minky attend at least one munch. Once you meet a moderator and are age-verified (we have designated break-out rooms for just this), you can access our full Discord.

Online Munch Rules & Expectations

  • Showing up to a munch is low-key and low-commitment but requires a degree of vulnerability from all of us. For age/identity verification and in deference to that vulnerability, please have your camera on whenever possible.
  • You can use any name you’d like to be known as in your Zoom window
  • Please list your pronouns next to your name in the zoom window >ex: Hank the Mink (he/him)
  • Please call in in the same kinds of clothes as you would wear to show up to an in-person munch.
  • Please no nsfw backgrounds.
  • For attendees 21+, responsible alcohol consumption is perfectly fine onscreen during the munch.
  • Our Code of Conduct and Consent Policy apply in this and all other community spaces. Pay particular attention to our Outing and Harassment Policies, don’t call anyone by scene names or titles (ie: mistress, etc) without express permission, and be respectful in DMs and the chat.
  • Don’t be creepy. Our munches are intended to be casual and comfortable social gatherings, not meet markets.
  • If an attendee is making you uncomfortable, let a mod know via chat and we will address the behavior to the best of our abilities.

Age Verification Process

During the munch there will be a designated mod and breakout room for age verification for folks who want access to our full Discord server and events.

Have a photo of your ID at the ready. Please redact any personal information you do not feel comfortable sharing except for photo and birthday. You will message it directly to the mod when prompted, they will cross check your age and picture, and then delete the image of the ID you’ve sent. No one else at the munch will be able to see your ID. The mod will note your Discord name and approve you for full server access. We do not retain your ID in any way.

We have lots of ideas for munch activities and themes. Stay tuned!