2020 COVID-19 Club Activity Decision

2020 COVID-19 Club Activity Decision

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, the moderators of MinKY have decided that it is in the best interest of the club to suspend all in-person club activities and operations until further notice.

Much consideration was put into this decision. Ultimately we have decided that our responsibility to our membership’s health, safety, and privacy is fundamentally incongruent with continuing to host events until future notice.

We take our responsibility to protect our membership and those in their lives very seriously. For now, we cannot reconcile recommended social distancing protocol with continuing to host group activities that involve an unusual degree of casual and high risk contact.

Beyond that, we realize that in the event of the exposure of someone attending a MinKY event, mandatory health department/CDC reporting would make it impossible to protect the privacy and identities of our membership in attendance. We fear that this would put our members, hosts, moderators, and the future of the club in possibly public jeopardy.

We urge similar groups to consider like protocols.Clubs like ours exist because community members trust us to protect their identities, safeties, and interests. In this case, self-care and community care are truly one and the same.

This suspension is disappointing; however, our primary concern is the health and well-being of our members and the greater Minnesota community. We would like to encourage you all to take the best care of yourselves possible, defer to recommended prevention protocol, and practice social distancing when possible.

Moderators will continue remote operations and will be available to the community per usual. We look forward to reconvening when it is safer to do so.

On a final note, we ask that you seek current and unbiased information and choose carefully how you choose to communicate about COVID-19. Much of the narrative around the virus has been racist, xenophobic, or both. We owe it to ourselves and our community to resist those patterns ourselves and call them out in our communities.

Please free to reach out with any questions or concerns,

The moderators of minky

March 10, 2020