Minky occasionally runs online munch events. These events are run approximately once a month, depending on expressed interest and needs.

To meet a mod digitally:

  • Join our discord! https://discord.com/invite/ZweFjcEet3
  • We have digital hangouts usually at least once a month. These are very lowkey social events on video chat talking about topics kinky or otherwise! These are posted and announced on the discord.
  • If you tell us that you’re looking to attend a digital event because you cannot make it to one of our munches, we’ll do our best to take those requests into account when scheduling these digital events to be sure that we’re having enough of them and that you can attend! However, we typically will not have one the same week of a party.
  • Until then, stick around, chat, get ID’d! You must be Age Verified to be able to access the voice / video channels, which is where do do the hangouts! See the #verification channel on our discord.

You’ll see the event on Discord looking something like this:

Join us for a digital hangout, with conversation kinky or otherwise! We’ll be going through our usual vibe check questions for new attendees. After, chat about your day and catch-up with some friends or talk about whatever topics are on your mind. Feel welcome to bring snacks, drinks, or crafts! Our digital hangouts are low-pressure events to socialize or meet a moderator! Come whenever and stay as long as you like, but you’ll need be there at the start to answer through the vibe check questions if you’re looking to become a Minky Member. This is your last opportunity to meet a moderator before our upcoming party! Dress code: No nudity. Light kink wear (IE collars) are fine. No hoods or masks.